Social media Marketing

socialSocial media marketing incorporates social aspects into the online marketing process, meaning that marketing is no more only a matter of focuses on the processes to maximize product sales and services through the internet, but it also needs to take care of “socialization” with potential customers. In recent years online social marketing has evolved but it still aspires to allow the company to gain ground against competitors.

First of all we need to give a definition of social media marketing. Whit that phrase we intend a way to do marketing online using social instruments, such as social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc), by creating contents and giving informations users are willing to share with their own friends and relatives.

What are social media marketing goals and objectives? One of the main goals of social marketing is to increase company visibility all around the web. Of course, the final goal is to increase sales and productivity.

How can we do social media marketing? Reply to this question is quite tricky, as exists several ways to do it and each way can be good for a company and not so good for another. Facebook is without any doubt one of the main instruments to use, also for the potential reachable audience, which is massive. Companies can use their own Facebook pages in several ways, such as posting informations about products, discounts, etc. Also Twitter and Google Plus can be very good as social marketing instruments, also in this case depending on company final goals.

Can we avoid to do social marketing nowadays? Absolutely not, the internet is becoming day by day more social and users behaviour is going through this path, so the companies has no choice but to follow it.