Marketing for seniors

seniorWhen people talk of the most important marketing targets, most instantly think of millennials. A vast majority of marketing research, books, classes and articles focus on how to inspire and push young people to buy products or services. And this happens for a good reason – millennials are a huge audience and companies should give them a lot of attention. But the mistake a lot of companies make is giving them ALL their attention. Another big and important group a lot of marketers forget are seniors.

Baby boomers and senior citizens currently hold a lot of disposable income, and given the way millennials are headed, this percentage will reach 70% in the next 5 years. This means that skipping marketing for seniors is one of the biggest mistakes a company can make.

Seniors are more and more eager to connect with technology, and that is why, when it comes to marketing, the best channel is mobile. Nowadays, seniors value their mobile phones as much as millennials do. Although the biggest reason seniors have phones is to stay in touch with family and friends, shopping and finding bargains is a close second. So seniors have disposable income, a lot of time, and like to spend it on their phones, which makes mobile marketing the perfect solution for reaching out to seniors.

A great channel which has shown to resonate with seniors is mobile messaging and that is simply because it is easy and simple. Since a lot of seniors use phones that can’t support apps, and a lot of those who can use apps, simply don’t want to, texting is a great way to get this target audience engaged.

When marketing to seniors, keep in mind that your message has to be relevant to them, and it has to be simple. Marketers can’t expect seniors to get technology as well as younger people, so the best way to keep them engaged with your service is to keep it as simple as possible. If it needs explaining, it’s not a good fit for seniors. This is true in any fields, for example hearing aids, loans and holidays.

So if you want to get ahead of the competition, the best way to do this is to get out there and do some marketing for seniors!