How to marketing with Facebook

facebookFacebook is a useful website, we know that. By using it we can get in touch with our friends, read about news and gossip, know what is going on and much more. Other than for the single person, Mark Zuckerberg’s website can be very useful for companies as it allows to reach a great audience of potential customers.

The questions are: how do we promote our business on Facebook? Which strategic objectives can we achieve through it? How can we use Facebook as a tool for online marketing?

Here are several useful ideas and concepts that may increase our brand on Facebook and enhance our communication abilites on this social platform.

Always the brand. The first thing is to give importance to the brand, so it is vital that the Facebook page we have for our business contains our company’s name. It is also important to make a wise decision as, once chosen, the page name cannot be changed.

Now that we have a FB page, we can begin with the profile optimization, starting from the image. Remember the brand? It has to be at the centre of the image itself to be effectiveness.

Now the latest question, which is maybe one of the most important: what we should write and post on our Facebook page? This depends on the company. Assuming our company sells shoes, we can post images of the shoes we are selling, plus offers and discounts available to only our page fans. This is a good waay to show consideration for our fans and show them that we appreciate the simple fact they like us.