How to bring on the internet your off-line sales experience

online-advertisingWhen a company think to start to business on the net, one of the first think is “there is a need of new products and new services, different from those we already sale off-line”. That’s not always true, as if you, for example, have 20 years of experience in the off-line market about a product, that’s a plus that new companies does not have. Experience is quite often synonymous of right knowledge of the market, having good suppliers, having good pricing conditions, having a store ready to serve products, etc. All of those advantages can be used to open a new sales channel through the internet.

To promote your company and your products on the web, you can choose various online marketing tools, such as:

  • management of social networks pages, especially on Facebook and Google Plus, and post frequently promotions
  • create blogs related to the topic of your company sales aimed to attract more traffic through search engines
  • hiring experts in the natural search engine positioning, known as SEO, as they can help your website to rank better and to get more contacts
  • production of relevant content to users. As industry experts, you are well aware of the technical and commercial information your customers need to have confidence that the product you sell is the desired one

Please be attention that you need to work very hard to get your online store profitable. On the internet your store is open 24 hours a day, so the first step is to assemble and manage an efficient online shop, which need to be able to attract users from all around the world, during the day and the night.