Celebrity weddings: when a wedding becomes marketing

facebook-weddingCelebrity weddings in the world today are not just about the two individuals getting married. There are millions of fans and interested people all over the world who follow the ceremony through any available medium. It is therefore important to create an effective marketing campaign to make the whole experience better. This can be done through the following ways:

Magazine Spreads

This has always been one of the best ways of marketing a celebrity wedding. The couple can be involved pre-nuptial in photo shoots (like the ones that can be seen at QualcosadiBluPhoto), as well as interviews which go a long way in generating publicity for their oncoming wedding.

Appearing in magazines targeting different segments of society will go a long way in creating hype around the event and hence creating a sense of anticipation among them. This will lead to more viewership and hence a bigger and better wedding ceremony.

Television and Radio interviews

The power of television in creating more public interest in the celebrity wedding can never be overlooked. Going on TV interviews makes the public even more interested in the event and would therefore most definitely create time to watch it when the date arrives.

Radio is also a very powerful marketing tool. With it, you can be able to reach people of all walks of li9fe and raise their awareness about the whole event. Be it people driving to work, relaxing at home or on even at the office, you can always catch their attention through radio interviews in the run up to the wedding.

Social media Campaigns

Ignoring social media platforms in your marketing strategy is setting it up for failure. Creating Facebook pages, Instagram accounts and similar platforms on other social media sites centered on the wedding will not only get people talking about it but also attract more people throughout the world.

This can be achieved by setting up a comprehensive social media marketing calendar that would encompass all these platforms from the engagement date to there day of the ceremony itself. With these, the public attention would be gripped throughout the period and thus make the event as big as it possibly can get.