Advertising is the solution to lack of sales. Or not?

advertising-1When sales are not going as expected, one of the first reactions is doing advertising. Unfortunately, that’s the wrong solution to the right problem.

Advertising is a solution to the lack of knowledge and confidence. Low sales is a problem related to the lack of communication to potential customers (which usually are communities closest to your business).

How do you generate a sale? A sale is the result of several previous actions which are able to attract users and bring them to becomes customers. Pretending that advertising generates immediate sales is like asking marriage on the first date. The process to attract users and customers must be done day by day, one step at a time. We can say that is a path in which you can hardly skip a single step.

Advertising allows those who are looking for a solution to a certain problem (can be whatever problem, from the easy one to the hard one) to know you are here to give them a solution. Advertising is the way you can do it, it creates trust, which is not earned overnight. It takes time to build a strong reputation and it takes nothing to destroy it, so every day you need to work in a professional way and need to allow people to know that you are the one who can solve their problems.

So, advertising does not generate sales as an immediate consequence but it’s a way can affects the decision process of the potential customer.

When the advertising is effective? Advertising can generate sales as it helps the potential customer to take a decision (which is buying your products / services).

What is the right way to use advertising? Let’s have a look at five golden rules for an effective advertising:

  • Clearly define your target group
  • Select the appropriate environment
  • Provide something of value
  • Invite to an action
  • Measure and track