5 coolest drinks commercials

Apparently, an effective marketing strategy applied to an alcoholic or spirits brand, would change even George Clooney’s favorite drink.

Here are the 5 brands in the alcohol and spirits industry that, in our opinion, have designed and developed the best strategies and adv campaigns for creativity and engagement.


It’s a great classic and by now it’s been under the bridge since it was in vogue (in an era not yet so social-media): the Martini advertising interpreted by George Clooney is timeless in all its variations, and this reason is more than enough to include it in our ranking.

No martini, no party.


The tones here become very serious for Bacardi’s advertising campaign: the brand of Cuban origin traces its entire history (anything but short, since it was founded in 1862!) and the history of American prohibition in a commercial and in a series of illustrations that certainly do not want to make you laugh!

I mean, ads don’t always have to make people laugh, but sometimes make them think.


A well-deserved bronze medal goes to the world’s most famous Dutch beer for its story.


The history of this brand is strongly linked to the history of the Italian creative-cultural movements of the twentieth century.

Ramazzotti’s graphics, which have always been the brand’s strong point, have been one of the most important points for any commercial they made.


Ladies and Gentleman to position number one Ceres.

The company is the undisputed queen of online instant marketing. The irreverent and shrewd cut of brand communication is just one of the strategies put in place to attract new “tasters”. The interaction that the brand tries to create and maintain with users is perhaps the winning feature, sarcasm is the distinctive feature, what in our opinion makes the difference.