10 most famous Italian brands in the world

The Made in Italy is a guarantee, but which brands are most appreciated outside Italian borders? What are the most known Italian brands out there? A research conducted by the communication agency Cohn&Wolfe involved 15 nations, 15 thousand consumers and 200 brands, drawing up the ranking of the ten most appreciated Italian brands at an international level, based on the research of the English 3R.

In essence, consumers are looking for brands that are Reliable, Respectful and Real.

Top Italian brands

First place: Ferrero. The multinational returned to first place after having fallen to fourth place in 2016.

Second place: Ferrari. The brand par excellence wins second place, despite the fact that not everyone can afford it.

Third place: Giovanni Rana. It remains one of the most famous Italian brands in the world, a leader in the food sector.

Fourth place: Nutella, always of the Ferrero group, this brand needs no introduction.

Fifth place: Barilla, very appreciated by consumers and workers.

Sixth place: Ramazzotti, one of the most known brands for “Amari”, is well known in Italy and beyond.

Seventh position: Bauli, the famous company founded in Verona in 1922, a leader in the “pandoro” sector.

Eighth position: Mulino Bianco, which does not suffer from any downturn driven by the new advertising spots, gives reliability to the consumer.

Ninth position: Moretti. The most famous Italian beer was also the official beer of Expo 2015 in Milan.

Tenth position: Buitoni, founded in 1827 in Sansepolcro, is always a guarantee.